Statement of Principles

Draft of the Kentucky College Faculty Association Statement of Principles

The purpose of the Kentucky College Faculty Association is to promote active involvement on the part of all Kentucky college faculties, particularly Adjuncts and Part-time Instructors, in labour and workplace related organizing, advocacy, and education with and of the various Kentucky College administrations. While we are currently focused mainly on Commonwealth run colleges, our long-term plan includes advocacy and solidarity with all college faculties in Kentucky.


  • Because Adjunct and Contingent Faculty represent a significant percentage of the classroom workforce in higher education, we recognize the importance of having an organized voice to express our concerns to college and university administrations and the public at large.


  • Because the concerns of Adjunct and Contingent Faculty – such as job security, access to retirement and health insurance benefits, and wages that are neither commiserate to the work we do or to the amount of credit hour dollars generated by our labor for the institutions in which we work – we embrace our responsibility to engage in actions that create positive change in our work environment.


  • Because we are, first and foremost, teachers, we recognize that the same system, which exploits us, also exploits the students in our classes. Therefore, we have a responsibility to educate current and prospective students.


  • Because we recognize that part of the money for higher education comes from the tax paying public, we strive to educate the public about the issues that impact the educational lives of students.


  • Because the KYCFA recognizes that, there is power not only in numbers, but also in the diversity and exchange of ideas. Therefore, the KYCFA strives to remain an environment where the free exchange of ideas can lead to positive and active change in our work places.